TS Maxi Rose

Date of Birth:
Owner Name:
Vandiver Ranch
Red McCombs Ranches of Texas
PH #:
Reg #1:
Sales Comments:
Consigned to the 2015 Hudson / Valentine Vegas Style Sale !!! Check her out , she is special !!!
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Breeding History

Breeding TypeExposed ToStart DateEnd DateFlush DateObservedNotes
Natural ServiceGrande Safari Chex11/23/201602/15/2017  
Natural ServiceOutlawed05/31/201609/21/2016  
Natural ServiceOutlawed11/13/201502/18/2016  

Pregnancy Check History

Date CheckedCheck TypeVet CheckedMonths Bred at CheckResultExpected Due DateBlood Test Response
No records to display.
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip75.000002/15/2017  
Tip to Tip74.500006/28/2016  
Tip to Tip73.000002/18/2016  
Tip to Tip72.000009/10/2015  
Tip to Tip71.000007/15/2015  
Tip to Tip70.000005/13/2015nice lateral twist going on here 
Tip to Tip68.500012/17/2014  
Tip to Tip68.380011/28/2014  
Tip to Tip67.750010/12/2014Beautiful Lateral Twist!! Projects 85.80"Helm Cattle Company
Tip to Tip67.625009/18/2014  
Tip to Tip66.000008/11/2014  
Tip to Tip62.875005/19/2014  
Tip to Tip56.250012/23/201325 months old