HELM Something's Burning 🔥

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As this Grand Ol Lady matures we wish that she had that horn that was tipped as a 3 year old to put her on over that 100" ttt that she is so close to but it really doesn't change who she is. She has made us proud again and again. 2012 Millenium Futurity Champion, LWC 2013 Futurity Champion, LWC 2013 TTT Bronze Winner, LWC 2013 Composite Bronze Winner - Her Dam is the spectacular "ASOCL Burning Desire" who was one of the most complete cows in the breed who matured well into the high 80's ttt while bearing numerous outstanding offspring. "Something Burning" gave us a 2022 Brazos Tuff Cowboy Bull Calf that we will be watching for a herd sire prospect. This Grand ol girl ain't near done yet, more planned matings for her in the near future.
Something's Burning
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Helm Cattle Company
Helm Cattle Company
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HELM Something's Burning 🔥
Award DateEvent LocationAward
10/02/2020HSC - LawtonTTT - Bronze
10/06/2017HSC - LawtonTTT - Bronze
10/09/2015HSC Composite - Bronze
10/09/2015HSC TTT - Bronze
09/20/2013LWC Futurity 2013Class Winner
09/20/2013LWC 2013Composite Champion
09/20/2013LWC 2013TTT Champion
05/19/2012Millenium Futurity 2012Class Winner

Breeding History

Breeding TypeExposed ToStart DateEnd DateFlush DateObservedNotes
Natural ServiceStone Red 67101/30/2022   
Natural ServiceBrazos Tuff Cowboy 90106/29/202111/27/2021  

Pregnancy Check History

Date CheckedCheck TypeVet CheckedMonths Bred at CheckResultExpected Due DateBlood Test Response
No records to display.
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip98.500002/06/2023  
Tip to Tip97.312505/21/2022  
Tip to Tip96.875010/23/2021  
Tip to Tip95.785003/09/2021  
Composite228.875009/26/2020HSC 2020Fritz Longhorns
Left Base13.187509/26/2020HSC 2020Fritz Longhorns
Right Base13.500009/26/2020HSC 2020Fritz Longhorns
Tip to Tip95.312509/26/2020HSC 2020Fritz Longhorns
Total Horn106.875009/26/2020HSC 2020Fritz Longhorns
Tip to Tip94.188004/18/2020  
Tip to Tip92.437505/28/2019  
Tip to Tip92.125011/19/2018  
Tip to Tip91.562508/27/2018 Helm Cattle Company
Tip to Tip91.187507/11/2018  
Tip to Tip90.812506/04/2018  
Tip to Tip90.567505/09/2018  
Base13.250009/30/2017Right BaseDDR - HSC
Base12.750009/30/2017Left BaseDDR - HSC
Composite217.875009/30/2017HSC - LawtonDDR - Satellite, Red Oak, TX
Tip to Tip90.000009/30/2017 DDR Ranch / HSC Satellite Location
Total Horn101.880009/30/2017 DDR Ranch - Red Oak Tx - HSC Satellite Location
Tip to Tip89.625009/07/2017  
Tip to Tip89.000006/23/2017  
Tip to Tip87.950003/17/2017  
Tip to Tip87.625001/29/2017  
Base12.625010/08/2016Right Horn Base HSC - Deer Creek LH
Base12.750010/08/2016Left Horn BaseHSC - Satellite Deer Creek LH
Composite213.375010/08/2016Bronze WinnerHSC - Satellite Deer Creek LH
Tip to Tip87.250010/08/2016Bronze Winner HSC - Satellite Deer Creek LH
Total Horn100.750010/08/2016 HSC - Satellite Deer Creek LH
Tip to Tip86.880009/04/2016  
Tip to Tip85.250005/25/2016  
Tip to Tip83.750012/09/2015  
Tip to Tip83.500011/10/2015  
Tip to Tip83.060009/25/2015  
Tip to Tip80.125005/28/2015Tipped Horn and still 80" ttt + 
Tip to Tip77.000001/06/2015  
Tip to Tip76.375011/08/2014  
Tip to Tip74.063008/28/2014  
Tip to Tip69.320005/10/2014frayed left tip  
Tip to Tip69.000004/29/2014Tip a bit of left horn - still Great ttt 
Tip to Tip66.630001/01/2014  
Tip to Tip65.000011/02/2013  
Tip to Tip64.125010/05/2013  2013 HSC Satellite Stotts/Mosser
Base12.125009/20/2013Left Horn BaseOklahoma City, Ok
Base12.188009/20/2013Right Horn BaseOklahoma City, Ok
Composite159.693009/20/20132013 LWC ChampionOklahoma City, OK
Tip to Tip63.750009/20/20132013 LWC ChampionOklahoma City, Ok
Total Horn71.630009/20/20132013 LWCOklahoma City, Ok
Tip to Tip61.750008/15/2013  
Tip to Tip60.500007/18/2013  
Tip to Tip56.375005/02/201324 Months!!! WOW 
Tip to Tip53.625003/16/2013  
Tip to Tip47.812512/01/2012  
Tip to Tip45.130010/14/2012Great lateral direction 
Tip to Tip38.250007/13/2012Great Monthly Gain 
Tip to Tip34.500005/26/201213 months  
Tip to Tip31.380004/22/2012  
Tip to Tip25.500002/25/2012On track for 32" ttt @ 12 months 
Tip to Tip22.375001/22/2012